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Valpak’s Michael Vivio talks Valpak digital, Groupon, and the future of couponing.

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In our line of work in local marketing (and primarily small businesses), we come across business owners, colleagues, friends, and family that have yet to accept social media as a difinitive change in the way we interact as a buying society. Yet, I find that they have a Facebook page, linkedIn profile, shop online, have a smart phone – using apps, and/or are joined into some form of online forum or network. It’s not just the thirty-somethings and kids using this technology. It’s professionals and baby boomers alike, and when businesses 3 years ago were looking to find ways to use social media for business, some found huge success connecting with their audiences while others were late to adopt, and left at a competitive disadvantage.

As a representative of Valpak, I am proud to say our company provides the digital marketing tools to help businesses utilize social media and incorporate the digital end of marketing into their print media. With, our coupon app, and expertise in this field, we – a print company, can merge the two forms of media for outstanding results. So if your business has yet to create profiles that showcase your work; are late to get on the social media wagon, and/or still have a website that your nephew made 7 years ago, consider this…Youtube gets 2 Billion searches per day, Facebook has 750 million users, and Twitter as of yesterday reached 100 million active users. Shoppers are looking for info on your company, and checking your references online. Are they finding it?

Here is an article from the NY Times regarding this milestone for Twitter.

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In New Orleans at Valpak coupon u learning about Valpak’s new digital platform. More on this when our team returns to Philly.

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For more than 30 years James Nixon, Owner of Nu-Way Cleaners, has advertised with Valpak and he says, “Valpak is better than any other direct mail piece I have used.” The truth is in the numbers and James tells us his statement is backed by redemptions. He has a member of his team dedicated to tabulating all of the marketing methods Nu-Way Cleaners uses. Looking back over the years, James says that in 2000 he questioned the power of The Blue Envelope and stopped mailing “just out of curiosity and to see how we’d do without it.” Within six months Nu-Way Cleaners was once again advertising in Valpak — and has been ever since.

In addition to The Blue Envelope, James also promotes his offers on the Valpak Digital Network. He reports that the number of views and prints for Nu-Way Cleaners coupons are consistently high and his redemption ratio ranges from 40% – 80%. Recently, James signed up for the Valpak SMS Texting program and at end of June reported that more than 150 members had already signed-up to receive his “Coupons by Text.” This advertiser reaches 50,000 homes per mailing.

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Valpak Network Products –

Valpak Network Products is an e-commerce business under its parent company Cox Target Media. The company reaches out to its advertisers and customers through its dedicated website

Valpak was created in 1968 and since then, the company has helped a hundred thousand businesses and more in attracting consumers with specific advertising. Terry Loebel, Valpak’s founder, started the business by mailing 14 coupons to 20,000 homes in Clearwater, Florida. In 1982, Valpak began its expansion in Canada. By 1986, Valpak’s ownership was transferred to a set of investors who bought it from Loebel. For the next five years, Valpak was managed by these investors until it was acquired by Cox Target Media in 1991.

In 1994, the URL became registered. By 1995, the first coupon that was posted on was from Fox Photo’s. In 2006, Valpak and Google partnered in a project that allowed for providing online coupons via Google Maps. In 2009, Valpak mailed 20 billion offers in nearly 500 million envelopes. The company also reached over 420 million individual addresses every month across Canada and the United States. In the same year, also offered 460 million coupons that were viewed on the website. Each month, the website averages about 38 million coupon views from consumers.

Currently, Valpak Network has 188 franchises, all of which are active, across Canada and the United States.

How the Valpak® Network Works
The Valpak network offers direct marketing to its consumers, from online delivery to direct mailing of product offers.

Highly screened and quick to respond consumers are presented with Valpak’s product offers either by mail or through Once registered in the website, shoppers can then proceed to choose and printing their coupons of preference. Before any printing can be done, users need to download and install the Coupon Print Manager application first.

To search for coupons on the website, the user first has to enter the City and State or the Zip or Postal code in the search bar. To access grocery coupons, click on the “Grocery” tab on the website and you will be directed to the section that offers all grocery coupons. Consumers should take note however that they can only avail of Valpak’s offered coupons if they become exclusive members and have been signed up for the network’s mailing list.

Headquarters: St. Petersburg, Florida
Company Type: An Affiliate of Cox Target Media/Cox Enterprises
No. of Employees: 1,011 associates
Geography: United States and Canada
Demography: All types of shoppers

Valpak and

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For those who like discounts, but hate to clip. Here’s a not-so-new trend that is currently seeing huge growth: coupons sent to your mobile. I admit to using digital coupon codes constantly when shopping online and this sounds just as good — and easy.

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Mobile Phones Brings “Coupon Culture” To A New Audience « Threeminds.

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New Valpak Times Square Commercial.

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Consumer awareness and engagement with daily deals sites is mushrooming in the US, with two-thirds of customers saying that they have downloaded a printable digital coupon from an online marketplace, according to market research firm Morpace. The most popular sites were named as and Groupon, ahead of SmartSource and trailed by LivingSocial and Valpak in a survey of 1000 US consumers. The rise of group buying sites, driven by market leader Groupon, means that 94% of polled consumers say they are aware of the online coupon system. Despite this a third of consumers say their coupons were not satisfactory, and Morpace suggests this may be down to unrealistic expectations and misinformation about the service.

Around a third of those surveyed named Google as their favourite place to find coupons, despite the fact that the search behemoth does not currently offer the service. Morpace suggests that this means consumers would like to see a deals feature on the site in the future. Morpace analyst, Andrew Smith, says that the research was initially prompted by Google’s unsuccessful bid for Groupon. “If and when Google does decide to get into this marketplace, they have a huge branding advantage compared to some of the competition. When Google provides a forum…consumers will consume,” he says. Mobile coupon sites and third-party platforms such as Foursquare were not included in the research.

Two-thirds of US consumers download online coupons :: StrategyEye – Industry Intelligence.

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